Cabin fever was starting to set in and thankfully we had the Olympic Games to enjoy over the past 2 weeks of downpours. The ground so soggy and small lakes everywhere.
Alas… we woke to the pristine snow capped mountain vista of Kaikoura.  It was absolutely idyllic.  We drove our Russian guests to the water tank lookout to view the region at its best.  It
was absolutely breathtaking.  Blue skies and not a breath of wind…the sea with hardly a ripple.
Our guests helicopter was soon to arrive to take them to the Huka Lodge in Taupo for 2 days and some more rain and for us to return to our mundane task of moving furniture to continue with our redecorating.
A welcome breather comes every four hours with a few moments with our new arrival “Sooty” a jet black lamb to which we are “Mum”.  I am always amazed at how knowing they get !!

We get bunted everywhere hoping his milk will just appear !!
Spring is not so far away…the tulips are up..and we all hope to start picking up a few guests.

Kaikoura’s Whale run kicks off on the 15 September then we all look forward to the annual “Seafest” which attract about 8,000 visitors to the region for the festival. A superb variety of wines and seafood is to be had not to mention a good selection of live entertainment.  A reprieve from the empty accommodations of the winter months.
The men’s open Golf Day followed by the Kaikoura Trotting Cup all are great fun days
which are growing annually with guests coming from all over the South Island…and usually Kaikoura can turn on the weather…and crayfish…

Chris Rye and Colin Ashworth
Fyffe Country lodge
458 State Highway One