Snow on Stewart Island!! The last couple of days have seen snow forecast on the tail end of a deep low. And it was deep, down to 972 HPA yesterday. This morning we woke to a white lawn. Not up to the window sills but certainly deeper than we’ve had since probably 2006. And not…

Ulva Island Landing Bay

A Savage Start to Spring

We’ve enjoyed a fairly mild winter this year, but as an old Stewart Island saying goes….. “we’ll pay for it sooner or later”…… and it appears that’s just what’s happening at the moment. 


Stewart Island Kiwi Alarm Clock

Kiwi Alarm Clock   One of the good things about this time of year is that we can sleep in. But this morning around 0500 I was rudely awakened by a female Kiwi screaming outside our bedroom window. I woke Iris ….. not a popular move … thought about it and climbed out of bed,…


Sails Ashore Garden

Sails Ashore Garden Tidy Up, and Season Musing This is the season when Iris attacks her gardens … she has 4 she looks after. ….. Sails Ashore, Kowhai Lane, My late mothers home and the local Anglican Church. My Mother was a very keen gardener, and I remember her neighbour Denny (Cuthbert) Smith observing somewhat…

Sails Ulva Island Tours

Ulva Island Spring Romance

A couple of days ago across on Ulva with a couple from Auckland almost the first birds we saw was a Saddleback couple busy home building.


Sails Ashore Winter Garden Chores

Iris’ Garden Iris has a little sign in her garden  >> “To Live off Your Garden you almost need to Live in Your Garden”  and to be fair she is never happier than in amongst her plants. And of course our guests love the fresh from garden produce that appears in snacks and nibbles. Gardens…