I wish I could state that it has been a beautiful crisp winter here in Whitianga but…I would be lying.

After almost seventeen years here, these last couple of weeks have been the wettest wintry fortnight I can remember….. even the local golf club is closed!

Fortunately the feminine side of the family – my wife Margherita and our daughter Fiamma – are presently in Italy complaining about the 39-40 degrees of heat……….. nobody is ever happy!

The bad weather has also been affecting and postponing all those yearly winter tasks that maintaining our premises implies, without even giving me a chance to have some fun golfing or fishing.

Our 60 Kgs Great Dane puppy Romeo and the two new kittens make up for that and supply me with plenty of company and entertainment due to their lovely nature.


A major event will take place here in Whitianga on the weekend of the 15th-16th of September: the Scallop Festival, a nationwide well-known cuisine and music fiesta that every year attracts thousands of people from all over New Zealand. www.scallopfestival.co.nz

Villa Toscana – Giorgio & Margherita