Ulva Island Landing Bay

A Savage Start to Spring

We’ve enjoyed a fairly mild winter this year, but as an old Stewart Island saying goes….. “we’ll pay for it sooner or later”…… and it appears that’s just what’s happening at the moment. 


Church Hill Spring Awakening

After many months of Covid-19 lockdown and our normal winter shutdown we now look forward to reopening on the 17th of September. We face a period of tourism that is focused on our domestic market and it is a time to show kiwi’s what a wonderful place Stewart Island is.


Life in the Slow Lane. Christchurch to Queenstown in 7 days

Slow down and see some of what the South Island has to offer. Starting at the coast you will cross the verdant farmland on the Canterbury plains. Then onto rugged tussock country with the Southern Alps as your backdrop. While you can make this trip in a single day, why rush? The area has more to offer than what can be seen from the driver’s seat.


Fyffe Country Lodge a changed new reality

A Changed  New Reality Covid 19 Lockdown was for us a time of reflection, rest and catch up on some of the garden cut backs and some building maintenance.  In essence it was quite special as in our lifetime we have never experienced life at a stand still with no traffic on our roads, no…


Breckenridge Lodge. Whats on

This October we are celebrating 20 years since owner and chef, Malcolm Redmond, found and purchased the perfect spot overlooking Chardonnay vines in sunny Hawke’s Bay to build Breckenridge Lodge.

We have organized several celebrations and pricings to mark the occasion in style. Although our season will officially open September 1, 2020, we do have 2 very special pre-season events that have us opening our doors early for an exclusive few.


The Vicarage, Canterbury

The Vicarage Geraldine offers un-hosted boutique accommodation in the centre of Geraldine.The new Barker’s Foodstore & Eatery is right next door overlooking the Waihi river walkway. This large concept store & eatery is a showcase for all the lovely products that Barker’s make and it has rapidly become the biggest visitor attraction.


Ewa to Stewart Island

I just had an absolutely fantastic long weekend – Thursday to Sunday – in the deep South.

Namely Stewart Island, Invercargill and Bluff.

The drive from Dunedin in full sunshine was uneventful but the flight from Invercargill to Stewart Island made up for it. Firstly the aeroplane was full, 8 passengers and a pilot. Secondly during the flight time of 20 mins we had fantastic views of the coast and surrounding islands.


Holly Homestead-Achievements

During Covid-19 Lockdown many people took to the kitchen and embarked on delicious recipes and this was an achievement. I was quite happy to have time off from baking. Instead, I escaped to the mountains carefully led by Freda Du Faur.


Stewart Island Kiwi Alarm Clock

Kiwi Alarm Clock   One of the good things about this time of year is that we can sleep in. But this morning around 0500 I was rudely awakened by a female Kiwi screaming outside our bedroom window. I woke Iris ….. not a popular move … thought about it and climbed out of bed,…