Fyffe Country Lodge post Kaikoura QuakeFyffe Country Lodge

A sea of orange jackets is the norm for our region with some 1300 road workers on the road and about the town not to mention the influx of contractors who are working to repair earthquake damaged homes throughout our region. The pubs are doing particularly well of an evening I might add.Progress seems to be slow and maybe take longer than anyone thought. For us here at Fyffe Country Lodge the cottage block has been re blocked and the builders have a little more to do prior to the final slurry being put on the blocks.  The engineer and the council building inspector both agree it will be along time before this building is damaged again as super strengthening has been done. Then it is the plasterer and the painter and we are ready to go.

Our main building unfortunately will be out for some time to come.  All the damaged grout lines have to be raked out and re mortared. Inside and Outside I might add !! What a mission not to mention the dust. It will once again be beautiful but we will just have to exercise patience and hope the dust doesn’t kill us first.  I imagine myself going to bed in a full mask suit.

The roads North of Kaikoura I understand are going to be a nice surprise. We have heard in places it is a four-lane highway. The south through the tunnels area is still subject to rock fall and slips which pose a problem for everyone with closures at short notices.   We are becoming well a tuned to the convoys concept. I hope they are able to have the roads reopened by the end of the year as initially advised.

The Village..The main street West End has lost the long standing Adelphi Hotel. This site now sits empty but I believe there is new shops going to be erected.  A couple of other shops have been pulled down and the other Hotel Kaikoura has lost is the New Commercial which was severely damaged and now someone has set it alight.

Fyffe Country LodgeI have heard via one of the real estate agents that the demand for property here has been amazing and the new subdivisions are filling up very quickly. Perhaps that’s our silver lining to the horrible earthquake event.

Insurance Companies…believe everything that Christchurch has said about them.  Kaikoura is experiencing the same

Issues and a lot of the locals are very unhappy with the deceptive ways they conduct business.


Background …… 2016 Kaikoura earthquake


The 2016 Kaikoura earthquake was a magnitude 7.8  earthquake in the South Island of New Zealand that occurred two minutes after midnight on 14 November 2016 NZDT

The earthquake started at about 15 kilometres (9 mi) north-east of Culverden and 60 kilometres (37 mi) south-west of the tourist town of Kaikoura and at a depth of approximately 15 kilometres

Ruptures occurred on multiple fault lines in a complex sequence that lasted for about two minutes. The cumulative magnitude of the ruptures was 7.8, with the largest amount of that energy released far to the north of the epicentre.

The large magnitude of the quake is second to only one New Zealand earthquake since European settlement of the country Over $900 million in insurance claims were received.There were two deaths, in Kaikoura and Mount Lyford.

GNS scientists discuss the road displacement at Kekerengu, south of Ward where roadworks have been under way since the November quake. Photo: RNZ / Tracy Neal