Ewa to Stewart Island

I just had an absolutely fantastic long weekend – Thursday to Sunday – in the deep South.

Namely Stewart Island, Invercargill and Bluff.

The drive from Dunedin in full sunshine was uneventful but the flight from Invercargill to Stewart Island made up for it. Firstly the aeroplane was full, 8 passengers and a pilot. Secondly during the flight time of 20 mins we had fantastic views of the coast and surrounding islands.


Arts & Dunedin

Arts and Dunedin Last week in Dunedin was the busiest time we have experienced since The World Cup. Two international conferences and an ARTS FESTIVAL all happening at the same time. On the menu for the Arts Festival were Interactive Activities & Workshops, Installations & Exhibitions, Performances, Open Building & Tours, Musicians & DJs and…


Return to Poland, continued

Dogs in Warsaw

As the whole of Dunedin’s City Centre is a no go area for dogs, I was so surprised to learn and see dogs everywhere in Warsaw. You can take them into bars, cafés and restaurants. They walk freely with their owners on the main streets and shopping precincts, they ride free of charge on busses and trams.


Letters From Poland

Warsaw, Aug-Sept 2014   (read also Ewas first post on her trip home) My mum asked me to look through my old desk and sort some stuff that I had left behind. Taking into account that I left home more that 44 years ago I was not sure what was she talking about. It turned…


Ewa in Poland

Going Home for a Holiday Hi, I have just come back from a marvelous 3 weeks in Poland spending most of the time with my Mother, Sister and friends. It was a lovely time of the year, late summer, with warm sunny days but not too hot. Over next the few days I will bore…


Dunedin’s Rhododendrons

Dunedins Rhododendrons Every year in October the City of Dunedin celebrates one of New Zealand’s loveliest sights – the exotic beauty of the City’s Rhododendrons. Here a fortuitous partnership of soil and climate combine to give one of the finest Rhododendron growing areas in the world, thus earning Dunedin the description of Rhododendron City. Originating…


Dunedin Spring

Great Winter…. Better Spring After a fantastic winter, we are now experiencing a glorious Dunedin Spring. The Azaleas look particularly beautiful this year, the Daffodils have come out and the Tulips are also now emerging. There is so much work to do in the house and garden at this time of year and I have been spending…


Dunedin: A winter treat

We are half way through the winter and here in Dunedin for the last several weeks we have had wonderfully warm and sunny weather during the day just cooling down a bit at nights. Unbelievably national TV admitted a couple times that Dunedin was the warmest spot in the whole of NZ. Unbelievably, because temperatures…