Enjoying our Town

Jeanne and I are just back from a leisurely walk down to the waterfront for a coffee, then along the Queen Charlotte Sound foreshore.

Picton Harbour from Coathanger Bridge

Picton Harbour from Coathanger Bridge

Picton Winter weather has been very kind to us, with the firewood shed still over half full.

The first few days of the Spring season have given us fantastic sunny weather. May it long continue!

Garden Club Visit

Woodpigeon in Kawaka

Woodpigeon in Kawaka

We have just hosted a bus load of local Garden Club members for a look around McCormick House  native forest gardens.

They were very interested in the many different types of native trees, shrubs and flowers.
We have compiled a list of around 30 identified species with their common, Maori and Latin names for our guests to look over.

Spring Blooms, Avian Visitors and our Garden

Tui in Kowhai

Tui in Kowhai

Our daffodils are in full bloom. Tuis and Belllbirds are enjoying the nectar on our Kowhai trees and native clematis vines.

We have had a visit from a curious local Weka in our  garden. They are very similar to kiwi birds.
The garden is a credit to Jeanne, who puts most of her time in our quieter months.

Our shaver brown chickens are still laying plenty of fresh eggs for breakfasts

Weka  in McCormick House Garden

Weka in McCormick House Garden


The strawberry patch has increased in size, providing colour and juicy  flavour for our fresh fruit salads.

The Man’s Cave

Guest Dining room

Guest Dining room

I have been busy in my wood-shop restoring, repairing and creating furniture during the cooler months.

Our guest dining room now has a  NZ rimu wood sideboard to match the antique rimu table and a newly constructed, outdoor guest dining table, complete with sunshade.
There are several other woodworking jobs waiting for my attention, along with some tree branches needing chainsawing and  our 1950’s clinker white pine and mahogany speedboat project.

Great Season and Wonderful Guests

Amber & Matt McCormick House

Amber & Matt McCormick House

We have had a very enjoyable season hosting guests from around the globe.

A lovely couple from Perth Australia chose McCormick House for their boutique wedding ceremony. We were nervous at first, but it all went without a hitch.

Local Attractions for Guests

Local Sea Kayaking

Local Sea Kayaking

Our local Queen Charlotte Track,continues to attract large numbers of visitors.

Many staying with us at McCormick House before and after the track.
There are not many walking tracks where luggage is transported by water taxi to your accommodation each night.
Choose between walking, kayaking or mountain biking each section of the track.
You  only carry your lunch, water, camera, sunhat  and coat.
We are happy to help with bookings and offer complimentary secure luggage and vehicle storage for returning guests.

Picton  waterfront development is now complete and hosted over 9000 people for  New Year’s Eve  with bands, festivities and  fireworks.  Picton’s boat marina expansion is due to be completed in the next few weeks.

The Interislander Ferry “Kataki” is currently having a makeover in Australia and is expected to be back on the Wellington to Picton crossing by the 18th of September.

Wine tours in New Zealand’s largest and most awarded wine growing region  continue to be a favourite recreation.

Jeanne & I continue to enjoy the diverse range of unique   Marlborough wines and have got to personally know many local Marlborough winemakers.
We are both happy to  share our  wine  knowledge with guests.

Centenary !!!!

McCormick House turns 100 years old next year,  so we had better start planning the party……..

Sails Ashore

…. Jeanne & Carl, McCormick House
21 Leicester Street
Picton 7220,