Another Sunny Day in KaikouraFyffe Country Lodge


Despite recent suffering from the effects of cyclone Gita Kaikoura has had quite an amazing summer with good tourist numbers.
Repairs to the lodge are going well and the restrictions have been lifted. Cosmetic work will continue over the low season.
What we have noticed most of all this year is our weather…the humidity and the amount of moisture in the atmosphere not quite what we are all used to.
37o hit us one day so it was among the very top temperatures for the NZ records. All this warm weather has seen all the grass and shrubs go crazy.
The highlight of the year for us has been the erecting of a long awaited hot house. We are stoked !! The image is of some of the aubergine coloured capsicum we have grown and we have had an abundance of tomatoes so here comes tomato and red pepper soup !!

Fyffe Country Lodge