WELCOME to Spring in New Zealand. The changeable landscape is changing again and we are inspired by this Haiku composed by Lynne Hopkinson, Mount Hope, Ontario (Canada). Lynne explored NZ in springtime 2012 and has graciously shared her Haiku with her hosts and now with all of you.

winter slowly passed 
the land of the long white cloud
spring comes, the sun warms

thin snow-fingers creep
foreboding snow-capped mountains

peeking down at clouds

 shadows long and dark
coming from one direction
shortening to naught

hoping not to fall
bare tree roots cling to grey rocks

and to each other

 grey rivers rushing
impeded by rocks and stones
slow to a trickle

 boulders in bare fields
interfering with the land
from where have they come

 soft winds whispering
clouds creature-shaped and wispy
drift across the sky

stands of brown beech trees
shriveled leaves grasping branches

await new spring coats

sporting new crew cuts
long stands of border hedges

shelter furrowed lands

young spring lambs crying
all searching for their mothers

dot newly greened fields

reflected in pools
yellow and white daffodils

reaching for the sun

 spreading silver ferns
protect trickling streams and brooks
and dark pine forests

lakes turn grey to green
fruit trees bud, blossom and bloom

exquisite birds call

tussocks wave and sway
long brown grass turning to green

greets the new season

Lynne exploring White Island, NZ. White Island is an active Volcano off the coast of the Bay of Plenty

Lynne on one of her adventures, exploring White Island, NZ. White Island is an active Volcano off the coast of the Bay of Plenty

Thank you Lynne for your delightful Haiku.
We look forward to more words of wisdom from your next adventure.

Franz Joseph Glacier, South Westland

Lynne also visited the Franz Josef Glacier in South Westland (South Island), staying at

Holly Homestead

Holly Homestead

Holly Homestead. Hot one week and cold the next!!  New Zealand can have “four seasons in one day” so always be prepared with your sunscreen and your jacket.

The Franz Josef Glacier is located within the Westland Tai Poutini National Park. Many visitors expect that we live high in the mountains, whereas the township is located approx 150 metres above sea level. Our wonderful region has lush rainforest, stunning coastal scenery, rivers, reflective lakes, snow capped mountains year round, and (of course) glaciers.

If you need some adventure with your scenery, here is a sample of some activities in Glacier Country:

Kayaking Lake Mapourika

Kayaking Lake Mapourika

Franz Joseph Glacier Group in crevasse

Franz Joseph Glacier Group in crevasse

Quad Bikes-Franz

Quad Bikes-Franz Joseph

Thanks again to Lynne for her Haiku.

Happy springtime to everyone, everywhere.

Holly Homestead

Best wishes from Bernie & Gerard at Holly Homestead.

2900 Franz Josef Highway (SH 6 – P O Box 35 )
Franz Josef Glacier 7856
South Westland