Busy, Busy, Busy at Sails Ashore

Spring is normally when we get the last of the off season chores done, the garden sorted for the coming year and generally all the ducks nicely lined up.

This year has been quite different. We have most (all ??) of the chores and projects safely behind us, but without a doubt it’s also been the busiest we’ve ever been this time of year. Not swamped with guests, but a steady stream of Ulva & Road tours, and guests at both Sails Ashore & Kowhai Lane. And of course, all are New Zealanders, enjoying visiting Stewart Island with all the normal changes of an advancing Spring are out there for us to discover


Spring Orchids seen on our “Sails” Tours

Ladies Slipper Orchid

Ladies Slipper Orchid in Sails Ashore Garden.
Only 2 months early

Bamboo Orchids

Bamboo Orchids on Ulva Island










Red Spider Orchids

Red Spider Orchids on one of the village roadsides

Sails Ashore Vegie Garden

Sails Ashore Vegetable Garden

Sails Ashore Vegetable Garden

Iris’ garden is really coming along well, and by the look of them we’ll be eating new spuds in early December. Everything else looks happy as well, apart from the Rhubarb which seems a little slow. Or perhaps it’s really just a normal year, and our guests (who would normally have rhubarb available for breakfast) are appearing much earlier than normal !!.

The tomatoes have the first truss of flowers, and the courgette plants in the glasshouse are ready for planting out. They seem to have doubled overnight.

Sails Ashore Glass House and Tomatoes

Sails Ashore Glass House and Tomatoes