Fyffe Country Lodge and Covid Lockdown


Covid 19 Lockdown was for us a time of reflection, rest and catch up on some of the garden cut backs and some building maintenance.  In essence it was quite special as in our lifetime we have never experienced life at a stand still with no traffic on our roads, no persons on the village streets and no friends or guests to visit us.Fyffe View

Visiting the supermarket wasn’t even a reprieve from our solitary confinement given our age in these challenging times however one of our delights was waking up each morning sitting in bed and watching the dolphins playing. This we have been unable to see for a number of years but with the removal of the pine trees opposite the lodge we have our spectacular sea views back again from the upstairs bedrooms an above all we had time to enjoy watching them without having to rush off to attend to our guests.

Each morning I was able to tell guests if the whalewatching boats were going or not as we could see the boats and with binoculars even the whales !!