Fletcher Lodge, Gardening and Preparations


COVID19 lockdown or not, nature is not waiting, so over the last 3 months we have spent a lot of time walking with Fletcher and gardening. Autumn pictures tell the story.

As well as gardening we have been concentrating on the usual post summer season maintenance, getting the lodge “spick and span” in readiness for winter domestic guests and hopefully starting from late spring, for new and brave overseas guests.

Fletcher Lodge, Gardener and helper

Fletcher Lodge Gardening Supervisor with senior staff (leaning on broom)

Fletcher Lodge, Gardening

After trimming things comes the mess to clear up

Fletcher Lodge, Gardening


Fletcher Lodge, Gardening

But it does look good afterwards

Fletcher Lodge, Gardening


Fletcher of Fletcher Lodge

Ok, I’m happy, you’ve done a good job

Fletcher Lodge, Gardening
Fletcher Lodge, Helper

Just Checking

Fletcher Lodge, Gardener

Now, we deserve a walk