The Bridal Couple

Before we get head first into spring cleaning and start getting ready for the new season here is a quick summary of the last summer at Fletcher Lodge.   The season started very, very slowly with both October and November officially declared by us as the worst ever.  Fortunately this poor start was made up for by a busy January, February and March, in the end we were fairly happy especially as we experienced the return of some of our regular visitors.   Some of our highlights of the past season were:

  1. October  brought us back (after several years gap) Japanese wedding guests, and it was spectacular, the Bride & Groom looked like a film stars and the parents and families joining them were not far behind. We hope they enjoyed their cherry blossom decorated wedding cake and the wedding lunch catered for by us.

    Cutting the Cake

  1. November – Keith won the Masters Championships (60 & 100meters sprints) in Nelson.
  1. December – we had 7 guests for Christmas Eve and they all left after a special Christmas Breakfast so we managed to have Christmas day to ourselves, just the  3 of us including Fletcher, here he is waiting for his presents.

    Fletcher and the Tree

  1. January – our son Peter and his partner Erica descended on us for a 2 month break from Wellington University to do the Summer Course at Otago University. We enjoyed their company and appreciated the extra pair of hands at busy times.
  1. February – we were invaded by the Barmy Army at the beginning of the month for the test match here in Dunedin and the last week of the month brought us back, for the fifth time, after a two year gap the Classic Jaguar Group from England. Fabulous cars, great company, Dunedin’s sunny weather lent itself to enhance the BBQ experience and all left vowing to return.

    Jaguar Car Club

  1. March is Fashion Month in Dunedin. After more than ten years the iD Fashion week is now  a well known international experience and of course underpins the Otago University & the Polytechnic Design Faculties with a special showing  and prizes for emerging designers. Winners of this category go on to show off their designs on the main catwalk at the railway station. By the way the railway station catwalk is the longest catwalk in the world, all 100 meters of it and the setting is spectacular. Fletcher Lodge has been one of the sponsors of iD Fashion week for the last 10 years and this year for the 2nd time we hosted the owner of the DARNELL COLLECTION, Charlotte Smith who inherited her godmother Doris’s collection in 2004. It has continued to grow through further bequests to over 5500 pieces representing 23 different countries and is considered one of the largest private vintage clothing collection in the world. Included are many internationally recognised 20th century designers such as Lucile, Vionnet, Dior, Chanel, Balenciaga, Pucci, Jean Muir, Zandra Rhodes, Westwood, Versace, Dolce & Gabana and Jil Sander. Please check it out on and drool over the most beautiful clothes and think that I was lucky enough to have had some of them hanging around Fletcher Lodge. This year’s international celebrity invited to culminate a nearly 3 hour extravaganza was Steven Jones the most flamboyant and extraordinary of all the millinery famous names, the display of more than 30 hats was breathtaking, just look on



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