Warsaw, Aug-Sept 2014


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My mum asked me to look through my old desk and sort some stuff that I had left behind. Taking into account that I left home more that 44 years ago I was not sure what was she talking about.

It turned out to be no easy job as before me the desk used to belong to my grandfather and is huge with very deep draws. One of them was full of old letters from my friends, family and my first boyfriend. We met on summer holiday, he was from Krakow I lived in Warsaw so after the summer camp finished we corresponded for a while.

Letters From the past

Letters From the past


Here is a rough translation of some of the lines:


These old Photos

These old photos


I received your letter for which I thank you warmly. I also collect stamps, but I have a small number only 59 from 14 countries. You have much more, can you send me some. We also have some snow but it has melted by now.


Dear Ewko.

Thank you for your letter and stamps. Please send me your photo………Do you have a bicycle, because I do not.  Nothing more to write about.


I graduated to IVth level. We also have a lot of homework. You told me that you also graduated with some Bs and As, I got 3 Bs and rest were As.


And right at the bottom we can read his proud announcement:   My 10th birthday was in May.


At the back of the lower photo he wrote:  I am sending you a photo of my younger brother. He is the one with teddy