Bed of Roses is experiencing a wonderful spring.  The garden looks lush and already has miniature blue agapanthus flowering as well as the topiaried limes looking prolific and startling with their abundance of beautiful golden yellow fruit.  The forecast for the season is very warm. We are already experiencing temperatures of 18 degrees.


Most of the accommodations have booking for the half marathon in November.  It is a great event in Kerikeri with a scintillating street party. Most people find it a very manageable track.

I had my prospective granddaughter-in-law, Mother-in-law and granddaughter staying here in Kerikeri and I took them to The Stone Store and Kemp Lodge, Waitangi and Russell and enquired which event they liked best and guess they all said The Stone Store and Kemp House. It is the most amazing of the earliest European settlement in The Bay of Islands.

Of course there is also the Hokianga which is also the true heart of early Maori and European settlement.  When you hear the Maori flute and witness the waaka it is untainted Maori culture.

My son-in-law has been struck down with cancer this year.  One of the lesser researched types and he has had to go to Melbourne for treatment.  He has studied while fighting the disease and will now bring this wonderful treatment to New Zealand.

Kerikeri is also the centre for the most wonderful golf courses, especially Kauri Cliffs with its amazing pink beach. We have guests who love to stay here and play at Kauri Cliffs.

Kerikeri had great success in the Olympics and claimed the best place in the world to sail or learn to sail is Kerikeri. They did so well from such a small community. You are always welcome to experience this amazing culture and Bed of Roses provides a comfortable and very friendly environment.


Louisa & Cliff

Bed of Roses

Kerikeri, Bay of Islands