Family Wedding

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Safari Lodge has been abuzz with a family wedding in January!

Ray and I have done the unthinkable closed the Lodge for almost 3 weeks during Peak Season for our Son’s wedding on the 26th January and to made matters more interesting we rode our Harley Davidson up to Auckland leaving on the Monday after the wedding to attend a 2nd wedding party on the 2nd of February.

We don’t get many opportunities to tour on the motorbike these days so we took advantage of a perfect opportunity. The wedding day was a bit of a blur for me as we ended up doing most of the organizing as the bride and groom live in Melbourne. They had their ceremony on our front lawn with 150 guests attending. Ray’s 8 car garage was converted into a reception hall for the day and I organized the catering at the Lodge. Everyone had a great day Wedding started at – evening ending at 4.45am !

Trish & Ray
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