Miller House

Musings of a Landscape Gardner

Sleeping Man….. Alan Williams


All the years I have resisted buying a leaf blower as a gadget I did not need, I do enjoy raking leaves, but this year’s storms and the now substantial size of the oak trees have convinced me to relent.


Of course now there is no holding me, I have found all sorts of uses for the thing, despite not having quite conquered the power versus accuracy of leaf destination.


“You can use it to sweep the verandas”, the lady in the shop said: my thoughts were more on the actual tonnage of leaves to be shifted and mulched, but she was right…and also I can evict the spiders while still feeling eco friendly, although my suspicion is the spiders would never have given their approval.


Bronze Apple … Rudi Buchanan-Strewe

There is one use that I wish I had known about years ago, dusting sculpture! While I can’t see this use appearing as a banner headline on Stihl’s website, it is a marvel to be able to take to the outside works with a blast of air rather than a brush.

Wire Head … Brigitte Brandeau


In my years connected more commercially with the art world I have collected stuff and, despite patina being a desired element, everything needs some sort of cleaning. The leaf blower has been a marvellous find to de cobweb the Iron Sapling by Chris Moore, and reposition the snail population under the Sleeping Man by Allan Williams. I know they just slime their way back but there is an element of perseverance to be admired here, until the Hostas fail to show up in Spring!


In winter, when there is little in the garden but camellias and magnolias, form becomes an even more important element I believe, but inside the house the magpie type collection also flourishes. What and why people collect could keep me fascinated for hours, giving such an insight into the mind of the individual.






Landscape … Elizabeth Steiner



Often we are just snared by an object, be it useful or beautiful.


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