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Sails Ashore

Address: 11 View Street, Stewart Island, New Zealand

Phone number: +64 3 2191151  

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Sails Ashore offers

Sails“Sails Ashore” perfectly complements the Stewart Island experience. Finished in native Rimu timbers and overlooking Halfmoon Bay, guests enjoy the tranquility and beauty of Rakiura, Land of the Glowing Skies, in comfort and quiet style. And what better way to learn about the Island than over breakfast, chatting to Iris & Peter while enjoying a glorious sunrise and Kaka feeding on our balcony as a distraction. Sails Ashore is packaged with a guided eco-exploration of world renowned Ulva Island open sanctuary and the first night tariff includes this.

Directions… As we are on an Island, guests must either fly from Invercargill or come by ferry, departing from Bluff. Our web site has links to the operators concerned and both offer excellent services, with parking available. Sails Ashore guests qualify for a discount off Stewart Island Flights standard fare if choosing to fly.

Stewart Island is a magical destination. The “Stewart Island Activities” tab will show you just some of what the Island can offer you, and following this link to our Concierge Page will show you even more. We look forward to sharing our Island home with you.


Port Room Ensuite bathroom with heated floor, a selection of fine toiletries, Disabled friendly, private access. Fine linen. In room tea & coffee facilities. DVD player and extensive library of local interest books and DVD’s. Fully centrally heated 24/7.

Please note Sails Ashore is packaged with a “Sails” Guided Ulva Island Discovery walk. This adds $135 per person to the first night tariff

Ensuite bathroom with heated floor, a selection of fine toiletries, IMG_6265   Private access. Fine linen. In room tea & coffee facilities. DVD player and extensive library of local interest books and DVD’s. Fully centrally heated 24/7.

Please note Sails Ashore is packaged with a “Sails” Guided Ulva Island Discovery walk. This adds $135 per person to the first night tariff

Stewart Island is on most New Zealanders Bucket List, and we can help show you why. It’s all about “the Great Out Doors” and a small isolated community living on the edge of the Southern Ocean.
We are happy to advise and assist you enjoy our Island.
Some activities MUST be pre booked. We can do this for you. Others are best organised once here, and taking due regard of the weather
And the “Coast to Coast” can, if your program and the tides cooperate be built in to your flight either to or from the Island. 

We have lived and worked on the Island for over 40 years as Ranger in Charge, Fishers, District Nurse, Charter Boat owners and professional guides.
It is our privilege to share our home and our love of the Island with our guests.



Your host & guide Peter was one time Ranger for Stewart Island, and has over 40 years close association with Ulva

We package a Guided Ulva Island Tour as part of your stay at Sails Ashore. Your host Peter is your guide. Our “Sails” guided Ulva Island walk looks at the natural history of Stewart Island, with the open sanctuary aspect of Ulva Island being the focus, but also touches on the wider New Zealand scene as well. We try to be as interactive as possible and like lots of feed-back from our guests.
The walk is actually very relaxed. Hurrying is not at all part of the thing. Takes a minimum of 3.5 hours. Transfers to and from Sails Ashore are included.
Our preference is to visit Ulva in the late afternoon when most people generally are leaving, as we find most visit in the morning and early afternoon.
Late afternoon seems to give us better birds as well. We use our own vessel Talisker, so can be quite independent of watertaxi timetables.
Party size is generally limited to 6 per guide as we strongly believe that larger numbers seriously degrade guests experience. Tariff is normally $160 pp. (GST Included).
However for guests of Sails Ashore we offer a $25 discount, so $135 pp. In addition if you would like more time on Ulva we are happy to offer our guests a free return.
This is dependent on our actually going across of course, and also that you must keep to our timetable (being ready to leave when we do).
This is a great opportunity to “do your own thing” over the three or 4 hours we will be there with a tour. Normally a water taxi will cost you $25 pp.
Ulva Island is a rare chance to glimpse a little of what New Zealand once was, before people came here. My own background as Ranger in Charge (many years ago) helps us walk you through the fascinating New Zealand story, using the Ulva Island experience, with its birds and plants to illustrate it.

While our preference is to go in mid to late afternoon, when most are leaving the island, and also the evening birds are starting to stir, we do also look carefully at the weather and also guests own timetable and schedule accordingly.

Road Tour

On Tour. Lee Bay, the National Park Entrance

On Tour. Lee Bay, the National Park Entrance

We also offer our guests Road Tours where we explore the human story of Stewart Island, all while visiting the many beautiful bays and views around all 28 K of our roads.

Local Walks….

Fern Gully

Fern Gully

These range from a few minutes to several hours, all are on excellent trails. Some start 2 or 3 minutes from Sails Ashore, other involve a water taxi trip to the trail start, and one, The Mason Bay Coast to Coast” is all day, and has a plane flight, 4 hour walk and water taxi ride.

Kiwi Spotting

Photographed in the village

Photographed in the village

We often hear Kiwi from Sails Ashore, and guests have seen them only a couple of hundred metres away. But the best way to be almost certain to see these iconic birds is to join a kwi tour

Guided Kayaking

2011-09-30_09-42-32_569Kayaking is a great way to experience the tranquility of the many bays of Paterson Inlet

Fishing and/or Pelagic Birding

IMG_2881For birders, Stewart Island is the home of pelagic birding








Away birding or fishing

Away birding or fishing

For fishers, the Island is the home of Blue Cod

And guests can enjoy both on the same vessel

b994a6a365cf86116420ac5c6969ae63_At_tableYour Hosts Iris and Peter….We have a long association with Stewart Is. Peter’s position as Ranger took him all over the Island escorting visiting scientists, archaeologists and film teams. As a fisherman and charter skipper these interests carried on and saw both of us involved in many fascinating projects. Sharing this interest with our guests is a large part of the enjoyment we get from our life on Stewart Island. Iris was Relieving District Nurse here for 15 years, and a foundation member of the Ulva Trust. She’s an enthusiastic gardener and currently looks after 4 gardens.

We also have two Border Terriers, and although the guest rooms are strictly “no dogs”, Millie & Bridie would love to take you for a walk.

Guest DVD

We give our guests a 14 minute video and photo album as a souvenir.

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