Kiwi Alarm Clock

Dibble Holes in our Lawn (Kiwi use their beaks to probe for bugs)


One of the good things about this time of year is that we can sleep in. But this morning around 0500 I was rudely awakened by a female Kiwi screaming outside our bedroom window. I woke Iris ….. not a popular move … thought about it and climbed out of bed, picked up my phone (torch) and wandered out to see if I could see her.  And there she was. I got to around 4 metres from her before she wandered off. Damn phone camera got all petulant, and so no photos. Although I did go back when it was light and recorded her dibble marks in the lawn. Somewhat more respectively dressed than earlier. I’m not a pretty sight in my night wear and bare feet.





Winter Friends Staying

Heritage Ceramics Display

         Historic Ceramics Display

Last weekend we had two friends staying. Well, Ewa is an old friend who with Husband Keith owns Fletcher Lodge in Dunedin.  They, and we, are part of Heritage Inns, which is how we met. Ewa is also Chair of the Dunedin Polish Heritage Group, and I had offered to build them a web site. The other person was Paul Klimek, who has spent the last 20 odd years doing genealogical work on Polish families who had immigrated to New Zealand.   I had done the framework of the web site, and really need Ewa & Paul to come down to learn at least the basics of what I’d done, so Paul could eventually take over as webmaster. Paul I had not met, but we did enjoy his company and have


             Paul Banyans Table

moved him from stranger to friend category. As it happens Anne was down for a de-stress week, so we had a quite social few days

A Learning Curve

       Steam Punk Motor Cycle & Stump Art

Building the web site has been pretty straight forward, but what really opened my eyes was the family history. As I said to Paul & Ewa…. I just did knot know….. although I guess I should have, as thinking back there were more than a hand-full of guys I knew who had Polish names.

A Road Tour for the Visitors

The Chain. I always thought the Old Maori used platted flax for anchor warps. Never knew they had good Sheffield Chain


Friday was a lovely day, and we’d got the web stuff all sorted by mid morning, so Iris & I took Ewa and Paul on a Tiki Tour around the roads.
Ewa is very supportive of the building art in Dunedin, but we were able to show them that Stewart Island supported the arts as well.

Camelot wasn’t in the UK. Proof here that Stewart Island was Merlin’s home






     The Alexander Graham Bell Tree … only       good for Trunk calls





          The Gate to Nowhere










A Great Winter (so far)

Morning Frost… the first of the winter

I have to say that since April our weather has been really settled. And while there seems to have been  all sorts of storms and heavy cloud further north we’ve had a really good spell of generally fine days, and even a good frost a few days ago.

Frost drifting out the Bay